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Step 4: Create a humid environment for the cutting by tenting a clear plastic bag over the.

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Positive: On Oct 18, 2010, Blackwill from.

Possum Purple Passion Flower, 45359, 453590002ST000, Vining stems reach 2 to 3 ft. Plants. Possum Purple is considered to be a self pollinating Passionfruit but having another cultivar for cross.

Among the most beautiful flowers in the world are the passionflowers which bloom on a lattice-work of vines.

Includes: Passion Flower Vine in a 3-4" grower's pot. The vine performs best in full sun and will needs the support of a trellis or stake. It is self-pollinating with fruit.

Passionate About Purple: The Many Benefits Of The Purple Passion Flowe. .


The unique flowers appear profusely throughout the warm season in shades of white, cream, and deep purple.

The flower has 5 oblong, green sepals and 5 white petals. Water: Moderate / Heavy When Fruiting.

Passiflora Edulis – Possum Purple – Edible Purple Passion Fruit Plant $ 19. .

The Purple Possum Passion fruit vine (Passiflora edulis) produces stunningly intricate flowers and highly aromatic, edible fruit.
Tucked within glossy foliage, this astonishing Passion Flower features charming frilly blooms in white, purple, and ivory hues.

Butterflies love passion fruit flowers! $39.

Includes: Passion Flower Vine in a 3-4" grower's pot. . 'Possum Purple' A seedling selection from Possum Trot Nursery is the most widely grown and propagated cultivar in south Florida (Figure 14).

. It flowers quite a bit and has a lot of fruit. Positive: On Oct 18, 2010, Blackwill from Bakersfield, CA wrote: I also purchased a rooted "Possum Purple" cutting from Logees about 7 months ago. Dec 21, 2022 · fc-falcon">Since growing passion flowers can reach 20 feet (6 m. Passion Fruit 'Possum Purple'.

Possum Purple will even fruit in a 10 inch container.

. Passiflora 'Possum Purple' is a self-fertile passion fruit with exceptional flavor.

You will recieve one well rooted starter plant.

Does anyone know if possum purple poses a threat to dogs, whether it's ripe, unripe, or.

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The plant is self-pollinating and can spread rapidly, making it a great choice for home gardens.